The Post-PATRIOT Magnetic Motto Maker

The web-filtering, motto-making, t-shirt-printing, magnet poetry software thingee and productivity tool.

You've probably seen word magnet poetry, the craze that's sweeping refrigerators around the globe. But did you know that the US Government uses magnet poetry to assemble its stirring slogans? How else to explain such eloquence as the full name of the USA PATRIOT Act:

"Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism" ....

But, as poetic as the name may be, it turns out the PATRIOT Act has got a few bugs. Perhaps there are some better alternatives. We think there's lots more people-rallying slogans out there just waiting to be unearthed. So we've decided to make magnet poetry motto-making technology available to the public. Now you can use the very same technique as the US Government to generate your own magnetically poetic battle cries... and maybe even replace USA PATRIOT with something for the public good!

The Post-PATRIOT Magnetic Motto Maker allows the home user to use refrigerator magnet technology to create slogans and print them on stickers, posters or T-shirts - as well as using them as starting points for online semantic research.

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keywords: terrorism-text_manipulation-goofy-Google-utility-
productivity software for mac and windows
category: political and activist software
uploaded by, 26 Oct 2004

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