The Sequencer Paradigm
Alessandro Ludovico

Author: The interfaces of music sequencing programs are developing their own peculiarities, stimulating artists to give their own interpretations of a well-consolidated paradigm. The recursive flow of the sounds, marked by their elements enclosed in the loops, has been reconfigured with very different parameters and perspectives which have exploited the aesthetical possibilities of their representation.
Juxtaposing information and playing it continuously is an inspiring method that stimulates the creation of multiple
metaphors and different interfaces that perfectly illustrates the potential of the musical interface, ready to guide the user into the cultural stimulation he wants.

This essay was written for Read_Me Software Art and Cultures conference and is published in read_me Software Art & Cultures Edition 2004 .

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keyword: musical
category: text - software art related/cultural critique of software
uploaded by o, 07 Feb 2005

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