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neverending search for highest number by trashconnection
Perl-generated web page (CGI) which, in an infinite random loop, searches for the highest number. Sourcecode: #!/usr/bin/perl -w # neverending search for the highest number # created for the future print "content-type: text/html\n\n"; for ( $a=int(rand 1000000); $a>0; $b=$a*$a+$b ) { print "<font face=courier>$a\n$b\n"; }
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Much TODO by Steven Read
Vaporware at its finest. For this project I have been collecting and assembling unwritten software code. While this code remains to be written, its construction in thought has at least begun. The ideas, dreams, and procrastinations of software developers from around the world are manifested in this project by their 'TODO' comments which were left behind in code as little reminders. [...]
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Microcodes by Pall Thayer
Microcodes are a growing collection of very small code-based artworks. Each one is a fully contained work of art. The conceptual meaning of each piece is revealed through a combination of the title, the code and the results of running them on a computer.
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