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Composition 1961 1-29 by LaMonte Young
A paper card with the instruction: "Draw a straight line and follow it."
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.walk by
no software but walkware. This tutorial shows the fundamental concepts that might be used to program a non-electric computer. .walk is the name for the pedestrian software that will be used in the construction of a 'psychogeographical computer' which will use the city as hardware.
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Log Cam by Influenza (Rafael Marchetti and Raquel RennĂ³)
Logcam is a proposal aimed at exploring the capacity for exchange between languages and supports. The advent of the digital media has become central to the discussion relating to the two means and their possibilities, since media can be used as a channel for the exchange of different kinds of information (auditory, visual, verbal etc) and between individuals living in many parts of the world, who [...]
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Untitled (DIY Google Image Search) by Yorit Yorit
A low-tech solution to finding some nice images in the real world... (Original link is down; link provided is from a blog that featured the project.)
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