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Standardized Blog Entry by Soenke Ziesche
This project tries to combine two trends in web publishing for which is it probably not so apparent to combine them: on the one hand the overwhelming popularity of blogging, on the other hand the attempts towards standardized content. Structuring content in such a manner is a means in order to make it understandable by machines which would e.g. support the development of a semantic web. [...]
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Hyperyarn by criticalartware
Hyperyarn: A Multi-Protocol Realtime Communication Client Server Application + Live Coding Environment // start coding: 2006.08.11 13:00 PM CST // end coding: 2006.08.11 13:20 PM CST Hyperyarn is a conceptual artware project by criticalartware functioning as an Open Source experimental Multi-Protocol Realtime Communication Client Server Application + Live Coding Environment. [...]
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LYCAY (Let Your Code plAY) by Ilia Malinovsky
Rhythm and music are the earliest and most natural forms of human self-expression; they are also methods of transmission and perception of information. Rhythm and music act not only on the level of consciousness, but also on the one of subconsciousness, creating images. Programming as a kind of art is a process of operating with pure semantic forms, which means the highest level of involvement of [...]
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Animated processor by Andrei Terechko
“Animated processor” is a hardware microprocessor, which inherits various human qualities. Contemporary PC processors (like an Intel Pentium or IBM PowerPC) have an instruction set and state tailored towards computation. In contrast, the animated processor possesses a human-like “physiological” and “communicative” state comprised of the sleep_state, talk_state, drink_state and [...]
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self-execute by Matej Smetana
Self-executing file
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NaDa by Bernard Bélanger
Ultra-lightweight software application that does nothing. The first version was 0.9, a system software extension that did nothing. The current version is 0.5, a single byte file that does nothing, that is completely cross-platform. The website advertises a forthcoming version 0.0, but does not yet give clues about how the software will be further reduced. [...]
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Characters by tats
Characters allows you to participate in the building of an online dictionary of names. You can add your own name/definition to it. You can also create new names/definitions through an evolutionary process. This work came out of a series of questions I kept asking myself about how one's name relates to one's identity. [...]
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Nanovoice by Oliver Wittchow, Julian Rohrhuber
Nanovoice is an additive sound synthesis implementation for Nintendo Gameboy.
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UPDATE `me` by tats
UPDATE `me` is a project that deals with information's life cycle. The user comes upon a webpage that shows a piece of text. She can choose to leave it, modify it, or replace it with something new. When doing so, the old piece of text is utterly annihilated, without any possibility of backing up. Every time the site is thus updated, a timestamped "tombstone" is added to a log in one of the [...]
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Scream by Amy Alexander/
Scream is a software application to facilitate screaming. Scream sits quietly in your computer's system tray and automatically springs into action when it detects a scream. Scream disturbs your Windows interface. But it isn't aimed just at computer frustrations. In a world where "anger" is paired with "management," Scream encourages the return to prominence of the lost art of screaming. [...]
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LaMonte by decembertexture
a port of Composition 1961 1-29 by LaMonte Young to Windows. Coded in RapidQ.
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formulas by Peter Luining
name: formulas artist: Peter Luining/ type: photoshop & compatibles plug-in (win only) description: package of 246 experimental plug-ins info: "... especially the search for unexpected filters in a new series called formulas, in which I forced myself to ignore my programming knowledge and just started to type in code in a simple and stupid looking way, by just adding [...]
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Plug-Ins Revised by Peter Luining
Series of Photoshop and compatibles plugins that investigate function, use and character of plug-ins
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untitled by Jan Robert Leegte
In this work I’m taking a sidestep from the research of the physical experiences in most of my work. On the other hand this work also is very much set up as a sculpture opposing to a painting. The work is basically about experiencing space. But because of the non-descriptive quality of colour (as also in sound and music) in comparison to physical material it doesn’t allow you to get a grip on [...]
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blink by
description: mindware, visual (self)stimulation pattern additional keywords: frequency following response, high, clear screen, digital happiness, esc edit: check pink boxes to build sequences, use keys x, y and mouse to reposition attention: if you have epilepsy or visual photosensitivity, please do not use the software.
[ go to project page ] by Myron Turner mines web sites and library catalogues for words which signify "big" questions of philosophy and religion, and then creates a searchable database; currently it holds circa 65,000 library and 45,000 web entries. Typically, you search for terms other than the "big" terms to see how they live in the contexts of our culture, and then link to the web sites or library catalogues to [...]
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ImageN by Leander Seige
Provides access to a dedicated machine, generating every picture representable by 65536 bits. Furthermore one can upload an own picture and the machine will tell how long it takes until this one will appear.
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makeBox by Dror Eyal
Creates a randomly generated CD cover based on personal aesthetic preferences and the conceptual framework of your project by inputting the word or sentence of your choice and automatically sourcing images off the internet via the Google search engine. Images from your local machine and some images from project creator?s temporary internet files folder are included. [...]
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f0rwardpunk by Francis Hunger
F0RWARDPUNK is consisting of 11 mail-adresses, and each will send it’s mail to the next one, without knowing what happened before and where it will be sent after. A loop has developed. Each of the mail-systems is doing what it has to do. While a mail is in the loop, headerlines will repeat, except the time, that alters. [...]
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Window by Peter Luining
Window is in fact a window where the part that normally shows the content is cut out. So all content that is underneath Window becomes it's content. Window does not only shows this content, but you can actually click on the content that is underneath it. Giving it a feel of a material object. I made "Window" in the first place to focus the attention of the user on the nearly always present [...]
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"Exchange what you want with what you want" (E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W). by Kritina Lindström, Robert Ek & David Cuartielles
"Exchange what you want with what you want" (E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W). E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W is a fileshare creating a kind of single meeting between people within the means of exchanging files. E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W plays with the conception of unique as when you upload a file it will consequently replace the file of your choice. [...]
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WIMP by Data eXchange Laboratory
WIMP (Windows Interface Manipulation Program, also refers to Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing device - the prehistorical GUI of the 1970's) is a program for creating full-screen visual animations synchronized with sound in real time. As the only visual input WIMP utilizes graphical user interface (GUI) of Windows operation system. Whatever applications windows, icons, images, texts, etc. [...]
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HAMLET.3.1 by n3krozoft mord
extremely simple apple-skript [for macos9 or osX - osX not tested] - exploiting the text-to-speech funktion of the mac.
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ap0202.10 by artem baguinski, martin howse
ap0202 makes use of current de-centralized p2p inter-networking technologies to implement multiple self display devices virtually on any networked machine. the environment for the changing code is both the network and the machine on which the software is running cells of code promiscuously modify and are modified by data available to the machine; audio input and output, video, stored information [...]
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Acme::Module::Authors by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
If you include this library in your Perl program, then just before your program exits, the authors of 'CPAN' Perl libraries used by your program are printed out. This is rather nice, as these library authors have given their work freely, save others a lot of time and are often not fully appreciated. [...]
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are you burnt out on programming? did the dotcom bust you? too unstructured for structured programming? are you a messy, impulsive, luser in search of an attention span? don't let the software cult execute you! cast off your markov chains and start deprogramming! introducing - e.p. #1: don't let the dotcom bust you. [...]
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Auto-Illustrator by Adrian Ward
Signwave Auto-Illustrator is an experimental, semi-autonomous, generative software artwork and a fully functional vector graphic design application. Auto-Illustrator poses questions regarding authorship and the role of creativity in the use of digital systems. As a commercial available piece of software, Auto-Illustrator also critiques the traditional notions that artworks must obey the [...]
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