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An audio-visual insight into the beauty of the quicksort algorithm. uses the quicksort routine that is built into the Perl programming language interpreter. You see and hear the algorithm compare values as it pivots around and passes up and down the data. As the data becomes sorted, so the sonic and visual effect becomes more regular. [...]
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PDP / PiDiP Is Definitely In Pieces by Tom Schouten & Yves Degoyon
Pdp/pidip is a video extension package for pure data ( ) that includes high-level objects like an ASCII art renderer, a color tracker, a motion detector as well as more algorithmic objects like chebysheff or biquad filters. It supports video streaming in most common internet formats : asf, mpeg, mpg,... [...]
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DataDada by August Black
DataDada, version <aldkjallkdjsfa>, is an application that will turn the stored data on your hard drive into a movie complete with sound, image, and subtitles. Essentially, it reads all the data on the disk (or, optionally, only specific directories), and writes the data to your computer's sound card and video display. [...]
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The Party at the Center of the Universe by Pall Thayer
The Party at the Center of the Universe is an attempt at using data generated by the public to generate a spatial construct on the internet. This spatial construct takes into consideration the user's position in space, orientation in space and identity. Each of these factors will affect the way a person is represented in the constructed space. [...]
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The Invisible Hand Machine by Renate Wieser, Julian Rohrhuber
For the piece "Invisible Hand Machine", we have developed an economic model which implements a somewhat cartoonified, but serious functionality of a "free" market. Like maybe every cartoon, it exaggerates a mechanical model that ones mind produced as a description of how one sees the world. Self-interest and competition, the basic forces of human society, are realized as the strive for [...]
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