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StrangeBanana by Torben Kjær
StrangeBanana is a program that automatically creates graphic designs for webpages. Each graphic design created by StrangeBanana is a randomly created unique design. You can use any one of the graphic designs created by StrangeBanana for your own website if you want to.
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n_Gen Design Machine by Move Design
The n_Gen Design Machine is graphic design software that generates savable image files from the user's own text content filtered through n_Gen's Design Modules. It's the new tool graphic designers don't want you to know about!
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Pintura Viva by Dimitre Lima
User interacts using mouse plus three sliders to paint and set blending modes of software. Time, user interactivity, and algorythms produces non-stop unexpectable results. Featured at Perspectives '03 - Sofia, Bulgaria and File 2003 - São Paulo, Brasil.
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real time contextual art generator by Don Relyea
The Real Time Contextual Art Generator is an application that searches for recent contextual imagery (using google images) based on user input from the internet and real time algorithmically composes a layout from those results. Your results are filtered according to your google filtering options. You can save your designs in jpeg format. [...]
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Go-Logo by Eric Londaits
In the future, the only way to be heard will be having a flashy logo, a catchy tune, and your own pop star endorsement. And I don't just mean for corporations... family dinner conversations will actually be like this as well. Go-Logo will be the basic survival kit for that future. Just enter a word (or two or three words, but not much more) and Go-Logo will instantly create a random unique [...]
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p by Sampath Jagannathan
In p, a bunch of particles interact with each other according to this simple rule: every particle must move towards, away or watch another particle. When the program starts, each particle chooses a random color, position and the particle it will move towards, away or watch. As the program runs, some particles join together to form a train and journey together thereafter. [...]
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programmed paintings by Denis Santelli
A set of “programmed paintings” where a vocabulary of elaborate plastic forms is animated through an open set of programming rules. This “transformation grammar” allows for a deliberate part of accidents, while taking inspiration from modern scientific models (auto-organizational systems). [...]
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