A fork bomb is described as a program or shell script which (either
intentionally or accidently) creates new processes repeatedly using
the fork() system call. New processes are created so fast that within
no time the process table gets filled up and the system comes to a
grinding halt.

This particular fork bomb outputs binary data while flooding the
machine. This data is patterned partly by the algorithm represented
in the code, and partly by the operating system it executes within. A
computer operating system is in a constant state of change, and so the
script will produce different results every time. The output is an
artistic impression of your system under strain.

Here's the code:

my $strength = $ARGV[0] + 1;

while (not fork) {
  exit unless --$strength;
  print 0;
  twist: while (fork) {
    exit unless --$strength;
    print 1;
goto 'twist' if --$strength;

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keywords: perl-hackerly-unix-dangerous software for posix and linux
category: system dysfunctionality/denial of service
uploaded by alex, 14 Dec 2002

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