DOGS is a surveillance simulation application that used the email and web platform to temporarily terrorize and humiliate a psychopathic individuals immediate community, inducing mass paranoia, panic, and a brutal backlash against him. The application sent an email message originating from Sintron’s email address, to a pre-selected address list which informed them that he had found out that an embarrassing secret of his was being spread about and that he would find out who discovered his secret by installing a spyware application on everyone’s machine in order to read their emails and hard drives for information. Whoever opened the initial email and had the proper email reader automatically sent a message back to DOGS which then immediately sent the “DOGS is Now Installed on Your Computer” email. That email contained a congratulatory remark, an animated gif of a progress bar that blinked a “Reading Directory Structure” message, the recipients name, IP address and email address, and a link that when opened, simulated the display of the contents of their hard drive on the web. The application kept a log of all “installations” so that the progress bar animated gif would not appear twice; instead it would read “Your Information is Already on File”. All hell broke loose and a heated exchange between the community and Sintron began which then lasted for a few weeks.

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keywords: virus-metaphorical-frustrated-terrorism-email-
hoax software for beos, mac, the Internet and windows
category: system dysfunctionality/virus - security
uploaded by sintron, 28 Feb 2003

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