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A program that shares itself on a peer to peer network, and invites edits to itself.
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Sinister Social Network by Annina Rüst
The project seeks to find out what targets of new data-surveillance algorithms could look and sound like. It is based on research into software that analyzes communications patterns, isolating groups that behave suspiciously. Sinister populates public IRC chat servers with friendly chat bots that behave innocently but will occasionally veer off into the conspirative. [...]
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BUSH BOT 0.4 by rovebotics
Have you ever wondered about the cyborg-like behavior of the 43rd president of the United States? Finally, the software technology behind George W. Borg has been revealed: It is BUSH BOT 0.4 ! BUSH BOT 0.4 is based on chatbot technology developed in the mid 90ies. This technology uses algorithms created in the early 20th century to allow the candidate to generate suitable replies by [...]
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Welcome to - the IM Handle Culture Chronicle. by Paul Cowles is a digital art project. After witnessing how people change their instant messenger names throughout the week, the idea to capture and present these historical changes was born. We think the names people choose reflect their moods, culture and identity. Take a look, and tell us what you discover about our participants.
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AOLiza by Kevin Fox
Excerpted from the project home page: "The Back Story: In 1966 Joseph Weizenbaum at M.I.T. wrote ELIZA, a famous program that simulates a Rogerian psychoanalyst by taking excerpts from the subject's comments and posing questions back to the subject. While not a giant leap in AI programming, ELIZA (named after Eliza Dolittle in My Fair Lady) showed that some semblance of 'awareness' could be [...]
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Google Share by Douwe Osinga
Google share allows you to plot the mindshare of a series of terms within a domain. The google share of a search term for a domain is defined as the percentage of hits for that domain that also contain the search term. According to Google, 5% of all pages containing the word news, also contains fox, beating both the bbc (slightly over 2%) and cnn (slightly under 2%). [...]
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chtonline by Bjorn Matronim
A chtonian textscrambler and chat bot tool for interacting with web content, eg. talking to web pages. Line-, text-, file-, URL-input with a chat interface and logfile output. Transparent simple interface incl. 'empty db-table', 'delete logfile'.
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thegrabber by ARN
thegrabber is a kind of 'one shot webbot'. It reads the file at the provided URL and follow an external link if it finds one, and so on. If there's no link, thegrabber stops running. The main purpose of thegrabber is to show this single process. As secondary purpose, thegrabber aims to leave a trace in visited website logs.
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Egobot by Philipp Lenssen
Egobot likes to answer your question -- any question. On you, him, or the world in general. He pulls all his ideas from Google using the Google Web API. He's mostly talkative, rarely evasive, and almost always in good mood.
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UNMOVIE by Ax. Heide, Onesandzeros, Ph. Pocock, Gr. Stehle
Unmovie is hypercinema featuring a multiuser flash/python weblication - the stage - where bots (AI personalities) and human online users find themselves cast as synthespian actor-media and collaborating as screenwriting poets. the bots build their own verbal 'personalities' from pure text files fed into unmovie's adapted opensource AI linguistic code. [...]
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Googlism by
Find out what the Web says about you
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gogolchat by jimpunk & christophe bruno
... :nclud:nG-GøgølChat f°r GølgøtChat --- collaborative project on : [ unbehagen | jimpunk ] .com Originally this piece (GogolChat by Christophe Bruno) was conceived as a multi-user chat where a fictitious character, named Gogol, lives. This character has a mythical status, since his speech tends towards the sum of all speeches of mankind. [...]
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theBot by Amy Alexander
Bots (or spiders) are the software that follows the links on the web to create the databases for search engines. So bots get to see the narrative of the web... theBot is one such bot - but it works in reverse to reveal and speak the "untold story" of the web. When fed a searchterm by a visitor, theBot performs a search for the word or phrase in a search engine. [...]
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OuLiBOT by jo walsh
OuLiBOT looks like an artistic personal search engine. It has a webserver and many IRC clients, which talk to each other in a babbling backbrain irc channel. its cut-up style pronouncements are inspired by the work of the OuLiPo movement on text generation/constraint. the code was originally written for a collaborative commission between jo walsh and jeff instone for the generator exhibition [...]
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please note: died tragically during an operating system upgrade. please send flowers to port 25 of more information can be found at is at times a confusing software artwork. On viewing its source, you may realise that has served you its own sourcecode; it is the [...]
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