christina goestl and boris kopeinig

club.ware is a project between software art and club visuals by
electronic media artists christina goestl and boris kopeinig.

technologically speaking club.ware consists of word libraries and
scripts that generate word streams.

editing word libraries is one crucial part of the project. we're not
doing automated dictionary lookup or anything like this. it's all pretty
handmade, no bots, no agents. the focus is on communication not
automation. we are sampling words, terms and phrases related to club-
and sex-culture (gay/lesbian/trans/bi/queer) - based on ongoing research
in nonstandard and alternate sexuality, preoccupation with computer
language and codes, word games (for example 'in ecstasy' 'on ecstasy'),
as well as titles of tech/house tracks ('party your body') and self
referential terms like 'club visuals' or 'dance music'.

concepts and strategies for sequencing and arrangement of these 'raw
materials' in time are constantly evolving. real time sequencing
strategies range from predefined patterns in conjunction with random
selections to mapping fft values to the number of entries in word lists.

visit for online documentation.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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project homepage:
keywords: installation-sexy-patterns-abuse-stimulation-
category: text manipulation
uploaded by boris, 02 Aug 2005

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