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ARTificial Art: 4ever by Kurt Baumann
4ever uses random numbers and generative art principles to make "art" automatically. What's surprising is the contrast between the simplicity of the algorithms and the complexity of the resulting patterns....
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Cybart by coolfool
Random continuous digital art in QBasic
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Infinite Image Productions by Gerhard Mantz
Infinite Image Productions means a series of computer animations by Gerhard Mantz. In these animations a program produces images in the very moment you see them. While normal films play prerecorded pictures, these animations are spontanious and endless. Every image is unique and will never return. Infinite Image Productions is a model for the creative process. [...]
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particles by Ole Kristensen
mousereactive complex reiterations in 3d particle system rendered using open gl same motion 15 expressions [Ed note: The original download link no longer works -- we have replaced it with a link to the artist's site. Interested visitors may contact the artist for details about the original project.]
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Genetic Art by Adriano Abbado, Marco Stefani
This freeware program for the Apple PPC platform creates images based on the genetic concepts of cross-over and mutation.
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Victor ASP by Paul Camacho
ASP Internet op-art generator. This is the original work shown at the ARCO NetArt Festival in Barcelona 2001.
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Victor by Paul Camacho
Victor creates synthetic art based on game theory algorithms. Victor is dedictated to Victor Vaserely, who in 1968 first envisioned "a machine that could create art". Victor can synthesize different op-art styles, also Mondrian's compositional style. The Beta running in 2000, Victor was first publicly displayed at NetArt 2001 during the ARCO in Barcelona as ASP code. [...]
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Archean selforganization by Douwe Osinga
Archean is an attempt to use cellular automata to create always changing patterns that are different each time you run the program. The idea is rather simpel. Each cell contains a vector of six reals. The average vector of the neighbourhood is then calculated and multiplied by a matrix. This result is added to the vector of the cell. [...]
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Fuse by Scott Draves
Fuse is an image processing algorithm that's the visual equivalent of the dissociated press, or text cutup. It creates scrambled versions of images, creates a picture of one thing out of bits of pictures of other things. The image fusion algorithm was released as open source in 1993 and has a version that runs as a GIMP plugin.
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tmp sys FLOAT by
tmp sys, algorithmic visual system represented on screen is a group of (data) objects, each visualizing two variables. one variable holds the number of time units the object is displayed on screen. the second variable acts as a counter. if values are equal, a new random vaule is asigned to variable one and the counter reset. the program generates visual patterns. < [...]
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op-sys by
K    K    K    K
W    W    W    W
R  > C    C    C
G    G    G    G
B    B  > M    M
Y    Y    Y    Y
C    C    C    C
M    M    M  > K

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a2b by Sampath Jagannathan
a2b is an abstract computer game where you guide trains to their destination without letting them collide with each other. The tracks are generated algorithmically - in initial levels they are few and simple but "grow" and become more complex at higher levels. The trains are launched at regular intervals. [...]
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Statistic Dripping by ARN
In Statistic Dripping, the canvas is a picture selected on the network by the painter. The painter is the user of the application. The movement is the trace of website visitors displacements, treated by the software.
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Real Time Image Generator Programs by Bogdan Soban
This is one example of generative art designed program in Visual Basic developed in the year 2004. It contains the great part of algorithms used in different smaller programs developed before and it represents a kind of summary of my project until this moment. Generally it generates absolutely abstract pictures with some exceptions that remember to the real world: landscapes, plants, sunsets, [...]
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AIKON by Leymarie, Tresset
An automated/artistic portrait sketcher. A project aiming at imitating the processes involved when sketching a portrait. AIKON is based on an understanding of human perception, understanding of the artistic processes, and advances made in computer vision.
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draw-something by Rob Myers
draw-something is a program that generates original drawings. It does so by generating a simple random polyline scribble then drawing around that using a simple maze-running algorithm. This procedure was chosen as the simplest behaviour that models the creative process of drawing as either sketching or drafting. The program is written in Lisp. [...]
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lookless by botnik
lookless generates an image with a randomly selected background color and a small text in black or white. by using the jpg compression, the image will turning more and more into an abstract picture. the process is repeatet by the refresh tag of html - the lower the compression (it goes down in 20 steps from 100 to 0) the higher the refresh periode.
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al by murderdeathkitty
Explore a world of deterministic algorithmic images created by a very simple procedure. The algorithm itself uses prime numbers and modulus arithmetic to create repeating and changing patterns.
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