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MetaMix by Jason Freeman
MetaMix is algorithmic audio remixing software for Mac OS X and Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. It is a musical composition in that it creates original music, but it consists entirely of direct quotations, and the source of those quotations is not even predetermined. It is a software tool in that it manipulates audio files, but its functionality is too narrowly focused to be of practical use, and it lacks [...]
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EG SERENE by Barbara Lattanzi
EG SERENE is freely available software by Barbara Lattanzi. It is based on the 1970 film, Serene Velocity, by the artist Ernie Gehr. EG SERENE is available for the improvising of digital video in real-time. The software adopts and "open sources" the structure of the 1970 film as the basis for temporal reconstruction of your own selected digital videos in quicktime movie format. [...]
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AMEN by Neil Gavigan
AMEN - AN INTERACTIVE BREAKBEAT EXPERIENCE learn about the hisory of breakbeats and hip hop and drum n bass production techniques in a unique interface based on symbols ive created to represent different drum sounds informative, intuitive, inspirational.
[ go to project page ] by Carla Diana is a collection of virtual instruments designed for performance and exploration.
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SoundField by Arthur Clemens
Visual audio mixer The program's graphical representation of sound brings concepts to audio that are traditionally more related to other fields, such as proximity, boundary, overlap and placing.
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Sound Room Composer by Rikard Lundstedt
[Admin's Note 1 July 2005: This project no longer seems to exist at the external link. Unfortunately we have been unable to locate a new URL for it or contact the author.] (To get a complete understanding of the work you need to know of two earlier works that led to the making this one. You can read about them on these locations: and [...]
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Connector by ixi-software
Connector is a tool that functions as an algorithmic catalyst. It has two important sides: Sound and MIDI. The instrument can play sound only, midi only or both at the same time. You define a system of connectors that all have their individual properties. When the system has been set up, you can create an "actor" that will travel through the system and trigger sound and midi when it enters a new [...]
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Picker by ixi-software
Picker is an OSC (Open Sound Control) interface which has video and images as colour filters. The four pickers of the application pick up and send thouse colour values as OSC information to the application that hosts the sound engine. OSC is a new protocol which improves on the limitations of MIDI. At present, Supercollider, Max/MSP, Pure Data and Reaktor are good examples of sound software that [...]
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BitmapSequencer by Tom Betts
The BitmapSequencer is a sound synthesis tool that uses bitmap images as audio wave-data. The application consists of a multichannel step-sequencer (16 beat cycles) in which you can place bitmap images to create sounds. Each image generates it's own unique sound as the audio is produced directly from the image data. [...]
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Slicer by ixi-software
Slicer allows you to create rhythms and textures from any sound you like. Import your sound and move the nodes. Slicer will chop your sound into 8 slices and superpose them. The slices will be created and manipulated acording to some variables that you can control with the control nodes (the ones represented by a square). [...]
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StockSynth by ixi-software
This programs allows to pile up several layers o sounds adding all the frequencies and constructing a new sound. You can easily change the amouth of each sound that goes into the final mix.
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Petrograph v.01 by Kurt Ralske
Petrograph v.01 is a software device that outputs synchronized audio-video art. The sounds and images are produced in two ways: first, generatively, via algorithmic behaviours controlling rhythm, density, intensity etc. Secondly, behaviours are also controlled by the user input: clicking + dragging the mouse modifies speed, colour, volume, rate of change, etc. [...]
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SONASPHERE by Nao Tokui / Karl Willis
"SONASPHERE" is a sample-based live sound performance system with a generative 3D interface. In SONASPHERE, functional units, such as sound samples, effects and mixers, are represented as small spheric 'Objects' floating within 3D Space. Users can easily make connections between these objects via simple mouse interaction and establish signal stream networks. [...]
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P.A.N.S.E. by Pall Thayer
PANSE is an open access audio server that is capable of receiving messages as well as outputting numerical streams based on amplitude and midi note values being played by seperate "instruments". These numerical streams can be used for instance in a Flash movie to control various parameters of the movie. [...]
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Actionist Respoke (Passivist Destroke) by Michael Janoschek & Rüdiger Schlömer
Sound interface for the music of "Mouse On Mars" "Actionist Respoke" was produced on the occasion of the "MTV iClip Award". Contrasting the commercial orientation of the format iClip (an interactive web version of Music Video Clips), this work reflects the question if music has to please the listener and if an interface has to obey the user. [...]
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MIDIPoet by Eugenio Tisselli
MIDIPoet is a tool for composing and performing pieces that involve interactive text and image. It is divided in two separate programs: the composer, which lets you create a piece by drawing diagrams, and the player, that lets you perform the previously composed pieces. The MIDIPoet pieces can be thought of as visual performances, in which text and image on the screen respond to external events: a [...]
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Yellowtail by Golan Levin
YELLOWTAIL is an interactive software system for the gestural creation and performance of real-time abstract animation. Yellowtail repeats a user's strokes end-over-end, enabling simultaneous specification of a line's shape and quality of movement. Each line repeats according to its own period, producing an ever-changing and responsive display of lively, worm-like textures.
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AGENTBEATS by Mikkel Bertelsen
AGENTBEATS is software within which "artificial life" determines the time-musical evolution of musical patterns. Each musical pattern/BEAT is linked to an AGENT. AGENTs have relations to other AGENTs. Their "physical" place in the AGENTuniverse is determined by a "behaviour" algorithm that among other parameters considers the following: - relation to "closest" AGENTs. - [...]
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Babyloner by Ivan Bachev
Babyloner is a soundtoy that retrieves audio files of spoken words in different languages from the website and plays them... Babyloner uses already existing database, and it lives from it, if the database "dies" Babyloner dies too, unless it finds another database.....
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EI by Ivan Bachev
? this tool is to "re"-"context"-"plunder", so why not just browse your folder with the mp3 files, and start playing with this "ei". pass through the loaded file, dis or re order it, and thus create something new out of it... references: за "еи" на български тук: [...]
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VideoGrid by Chris Savage
Encryption methods available on the internet vary - many are 'one way' meaning that after a string has been encoded, it cant be decoded back to its original state. This process results in the string being converted into a seemingly random series of characters which is, in fact, unique. Videogrid drew inspiration from this and applied the same idea to video. [...]
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Shell by ixi-software
Shell is composed by two pieces of software. An interface and a sound engine created using Pure Data (Pure Data by Miller Puckette and others, ). It also uses some externals for Pure Data (By different authors). The interface is connected to the sound engine allowing to control transformations applied to different samples by manipulating the shape and [...]
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SpinOSC by ixi software
SpinOSC is an interface to programs such as Pure Data or Supercollider that sends OSC messages. SpinOSC allows the user to create rotating objects - spins - that trigger messages while thy spin. The number of messages they trigger depends on the number of boxes that each spin contains (1 to 10 at the moment). The messages are in OSC format (Open Sound Control ). [...]
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STICKYPHONE by flu/navn
STICKYPHONE is a sound-toy to record and publish on-line audio messages. Every next message overwrites the previously stored one. Evry audio message has embeded ID3? information on it's author and date of creation. In contrast to the other messaging tools, here you have only one file which content is updateable from evryone. [...]
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semantic vj by Eugenio Tisselli
the tool for lazy vj's... just type the word that describes the images you want, press enter, and let the machine do the rest.
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Sound and Energy by Santiago Ortiz
11 interactive Works on sound. Some of them are very simple, others more complex, but all are very Inter-related. All this pieces conforms an investigation of relations between sound and space, dynamics, energy and interactivite. They are classified in 5 categories -every píece could have more than one categorie asociated-: - binaural: sounds in space; each sound intensitie is in relation with [...]
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Soundmaps by Jan de Weille
Soundmaps makes music out of your desktop actions. Soundmaps translates a part of the bitmap image on your desktopn into sound. Drawing, typing, surfing, playing a movie etc. will constantly change the sound. Hence, you can make your own music while working. Soundmaps has 6 different modes and is very easy to install and use.
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9dots by Pierre DELMAS BOULY
9dots is an experimental project made with actionScript, php and xml. In a few words, 9dots is a visual and sound device which enables you to publish a sequence of 8 images on which you can post or mask points. Each image of the sequence is built on a grid of 3 dots height by 3 dots width. You can create your sequence on www.9 [...]
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