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twenty-four projects

Dreaming of You, Richard Caceres and Jamie Burkart
DESSINE PANSE (dessine moi v2), joachim lapotre - AZerty
the wreckers, Dave Miller
ekart (electronic keyword artcenter), david guez -
Darwin, Taylor Berg
flexplorer, erational, Myron Turner
dada newsfeed, Eugenio Tisselli
Wiki Wiki Web, Site and software by Ward Cunningham. Text by many.
The Search Wall, Mladen Zagorac
nest, c6
Polishness, Ian Wojtowicz
spheres, Santiago Ortiz
programmed paintings, Denis Santelli
Auracle, Max Neuhas, Phil Birk, Jason Freeman, Sekhar Ramachrisnan, Kristjan Varnik, David Birchfiled
WALLRIGHT, Diana Antunes, Flávia Neves, João Filipe, Luis Confraria, Nuno Caldeira
ShiftSpace, Dan Phiffer, Mushon Zer-Aviv (& more)
Photo Noise, Steve or Steven Read
non-weddings, Christophe Bruno generators, Cornelia Sollfrank (with Ryan Johnston, Luka Frelih, Barbara Thoens, Ralf Prehn)
Blood For Sale, Christophe Bruno
thegrabber, ARN
Egobot, Philipp Lenssen, Garrett Lynch

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latest projects
Light Pattern
Drunk Eliza
naked on pluto
100.000.000 stolen pixels
Incorrect Music 2

featured projects
LYCAY (Let Your Code plAY)
Reject Me
Outsource me!
The Invisible Hand Machine
Towards a Permanently Temporary Software Art Factory