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Pellow by
Pellow is an interactive installation that reveals what happens under the hood of a web browser when you visit web pages. When you browse, the browser communicates with many different pages and companies around the world. Pellow lets you see and hear the browser interacting with many other machines all over the world to fetch all of the content. [...]
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L3-37 by Javier Cabrera, Oscar Luis Vera Perez, Benoit Baudry
L3-37 is a mini web browser that superimposes a view of the strucuture of the web page on top of the actual page. Our goal is to unveil and embody the organization and dynamics of software that runs the world wide web. Citizens interact with browsers worldwide, every day and we wish to offer a glimpse of the other side of the looking glass of web pages. [...]
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99 Meditations on Chords and Colors by Andreja Andric
Classical music has been created in a time when people were not acquainted with noise. The loudest sounds were thunder and church bell. Music was rare, and the sounds of musical instruments must have been refreshing and exciting in a way we can't even immagine.

Today we are constantly surrounded with sound: music in bars, supermarkets, and on our media players, traffic sounds in the street, [...]
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ShiftSpace by Dan Phiffer, Mushon Zer-Aviv (& more)
While the Internet's design is widely understood to be open and distributed, control over how users interact online has given us largely centralized and closed systems. The web is undergoing a transformation whose promise is user empowerment—but who controls the terms of this new read/write web? The web has followed the physical movement of the city's social center from the (public) town [...]
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The Search Wall by Mladen Zagorac
The Search Wall is a collaborative tele-interactive Internet art work reflecting what people are searching for on the Internet. Privacy issues almost daily make news and are a large concern for many of the Internet’s users. However, through daily usage of search engines we nevertheless willingly gradually disclose it. [...]
[ go to project page ] by Garrett Lynch is a cross between a browser and a streaming media player designed to view the internet as it really is, code or more specifically markup, not a series of web pages designed under a print metaphor. It makes no attempt to interpret the code into an organised layout as do conventional browsers, instead it displays the code as an audio-visual stream of indeterminate length. [...]
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Colorful Tentacle 512b (aka Errors per Second) by nitro2k01
A javascript program which draws a tentacle cycling through all kinds of colors. It's 512 bytes small and was coded in one hour. WARNING! Some browsers, mainly firefox, are too slow to draw this thing correctly, and might hang or slow down your computer if your CPU is slow. (500 MHz and below) Use Opera for guaranteed good speed.
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TV-BOT - World News as soon as it happens! by Marc Lee
Hi Dear Surfer! I'm a Live Stream TV-Bot. Just call me TV-Bot. I'm presenting you the live coverage of the Latest World News! I'm created by Marc Lee for 56k Bastard TV Channel. Inke Arns: The ultimately latest news from the world’s definitely most up to date television station. Switch on your TV. Switch to TV-Bot. TV Bot will bring the latest world news to your home sweet home. [...]
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noumena by wayne clements
‘Noumena’ may be thought of as a software version of ‘Reality’ by the Conceptual artist Jarowslaw Kozlowski. ‘Reality’ is a section of Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason with the text removed leaving only the punctuation. Noumena tries to do the same thing to web pages: remove everything but the punctuation. [...]
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Influenza Skin by Rafael Marchetti
The skin combines XML and quicktime and constitutes the main interface. It adheres to all opened windows of your computer, invades your desktop, contaminating everything. You open Influenza and it loads automatically the skin. It is possible to access, by the skin, some of the web sites developed by Influenza. [...]
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WebWaste.Net by Ragnar Helgi Olafsson
WEBWASTE // WebWaste is an Internet rubbish dump; a collective yet anonymous dustbin, open to all Internet users. By going onto WebWaste you can browse through the rubbish and inspect what Internet users before you have thrown away. This might include images, texts, sounds and movie clips. THE DUSTMAN // WebWaste collects trash from your own computer's Recycle Bin and uploads it to the waste [...]
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flexplorer by erational
browse website structure and display it in a dynamic map
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NETARIUM by Haruka Kikuchi
The universe seen from the Internet. "NETARIUM" is the simulator which converts branch of a website into a video signal on real time. Arbitrary websites are decided and started. If "NETARIUM" analyzes the structure of a website and a link is found, it will create a star on the field. And the following page is loaded automatically again. [...]
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Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester by Sintron
Simple Sex Site is an online performance simulation of a Porn King, creator and master of the porn world. The Simple Sex Site web site is the interface to an otherwise faceless character. The site is automated by several software applications that populate and manage a large database of pornographic content. The technology is the Porn King, and the Porn King is real. [...]
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Bork by Opera Software
Web browser that distorts MSN website ( in a funny way. Background is here.
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ZNC browser by Peter Luining
ZNC is a browser that translates html code into ascii numbers which in turn are translated in sound and colors. The first version (1.01) of this browser was made with the intention to show the arbitrariness of code and make the proces of how software (in this case the browser) works totally transparent. The 2.0 [...]
[ go to project page ] by Francis Hwang is intended as an exploration of the promise of hypertext. It parses any publically available HTML page and turns every word it can into a link — click on a word and you are taken to a relevant page, as determined by Google. When every word is turned into a link, is that empowering or numbing? When context is stripped so callously from links, does that lay the seeds for chaos, or [...]
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Boxplorer by Andy Deck
The Internet BOXPLORER >> browser offers a rectangular view of the World Wide Web. It abstracts web page layouts to produce what are frequently rather colorful compositions. BOXPLORER >> purifies the Web, making it safe for children of all ages -- free from controversy and advertising.
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Babel by Simon Biggs
Multi-user interactive web navigation interface based on the Dewey Decimal Cataloguing system. Programmed in Lingo and server side code, requires online connection for login to server to function, facilitating multi-user data exchange. Commissioned by Essex Libraries, UK, 2001.
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The Web Stalker by I/O/D
technical innovation = class war
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Anti-Capitalist Operating System by Together We Can Defeat Capitalism
Let them design their own operating systems!
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Re-reading the News by Myron Turner
"Re-reading the News" downloads the front page of newspapers as essentially raw data, enabling users to reformat it to their own specifications. The raw data appears in one browser window, reformatting occurs in a second. It sees the newspaper's format as a metaphor or interface for controlling our responses. "Re-reading" interrupts this effort at control. [...]
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