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twenty-one projects

Sound and Energy, Santiago Ortiz
BitmapSequencer, Tom Betts
DESSINE PANSE (dessine moi v2), joachim lapotre - AZerty
Incorrect Music 2, Andreja Andric
oversaturation, hernandez, werkhoven, acevedo
Incorrect Music, Andreja Andric
Percussionist's Diary, Andreja Andric
Piano Player's Diary, Andreja Andric
Sonification of Virtual Space - 1, Mark Brady
Lexikon-Sonate, Karlheinz Essl
iTunes Signature Maker, Jason Freeman
ChucK: Strongly-timed, On-the-fly Audio Programming Language, Ge Wang and Perry Cook
Nanovoice, Oliver Wittchow, Julian Rohrhuber
fLOW - ambient soundscape generator, Karlheinz Essl
Argeïphontes Lyre, Akira Rabelais
Enigma n^2, Jim Andrews
AGENTBEATS, Mikkel Bertelsen
rand()%, Joe Gilmore / Tom Betts
bugout, daniel c. howe, Carla Diana
Flickeur, Mario Klingemann

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100.000.000 stolen pixels
Incorrect Music 2

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