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"Exchange what you want with what you want" (E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W). by Kritina Lindström, Robert Ek & David Cuartielles
"Exchange what you want with what you want" (E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W). E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W is a fileshare creating a kind of single meeting between people within the means of exchanging files. E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W plays with the conception of unique as when you upload a file it will consequently replace the file of your choice. [...]
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fLOW - ambient soundscape generator by Karlheinz Essl
fLOW is an audio computer program running on Apple Macintosh machines. It generates an ever-changing and never repeating soundscape in real time that fills the space with flooding sounds that resemble - metaphorically - the timbres of water, fire, earth, and air. This ambient sound scape generator adjusts itself through various parameters and controllers that are represented in real time on your [...]
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Fuse by Scott Draves
Fuse is an image processing algorithm that's the visual equivalent of the dissociated press, or text cutup. It creates scrambled versions of images, creates a picture of one thing out of bits of pictures of other things. The image fusion algorithm was released as open source in 1993 and has a version that runs as a GIMP plugin.
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The 8 Bit Construction Set by Beige Records
A conceptual DJ battle record with one Atari and one Commodore side. Each side contains music produced with wither home computer plus software. You can record the record on datasette and load it via a tape drive into your Atari or Commodore. The Atari software is a little graphic demo, the Commodore software is a small music sequencer.
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Notepad Minus by unknown
Notepad Minus is the only text editor that has less functions than the original NOTEPAD.EXE that comes with Windows.
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NUDENAVIGATION by Arielle Boucly
Nude Navigation is an interactive nude sculpture that makes a connection between the Internet and the human body as spaces of exploration. Once the user understands that tactile interaction with the piece yields a result on the projected screen, the sculptural aesthetics of the nude become melded with its functionality as a new form of computer hardware. [...]
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rand()% by Joe Gilmore / Tom Betts
rand()% internetradiobot ------| rand()% is a realtime streaming generative internet radio station. It exists as a host for computer driven / user defined audio programming that is entirely automated, where every programme transmitted is composed in realtime by computer. All audio is generated on demand by a unique series of artist / musician developed programs. [...]
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Pixel Computer by Paul Camacho
For those that liked Brainf*ck, you'll love this: Visual Brainf*ck! Test your wits, try to create a pixel pattern that will animate itself. Based on Brainf*ck, really MUST HAVE! PixelComputer: a study on how software we create in turn meta-programs our patterns of behaviour through our haptic memory. [...]
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Bomb by Scott Draves
Bomb is a visual-musical instrument. It uses alife, and is alife. It runs on your PC and produces animated organic graphics in response to the keyboard, audio music, or on its own. You can download it from this web site, and run it on your PC.
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Acme::EyeDrops by Andrew J. Savige
Several software projects exist to convert various media to ASCII art: images, television, even video games. But what about software itself? A parody on Visual Programming, Acme::EyeDrops removes all the normal text from a Perl script and converts the script to an ASCII art image - yet the ASCII-ized version of the software actually runs and maintains the same functionality as the [...]
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retroyou nostalG by
600 Version -nostalG data cycle 200302, build HAWK7472, Black.Helicopter.AptNostalG. This data is nostalG software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the nostalG License as published by the Comission-41; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. [...]
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Visual Poetry by Douwe Osinga
Poetry is supposed to project images in your mind. VisualPoetry translates any text into a series of images by looking up the words on Google image search and projecting the most relevant results as a slide show. You can use it to view your favourite poem as a series of images from the Internet to amuse yourself or you let other people guess which sentence or poem is displayed. [...]
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Virus Charms and Self-Creating Codes by Alessandro Ludovico
A text written by the editor of Neural.It for 'I Love You' exhibition curated by Franziska Nori and the team in the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt, May-June 2002.
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A Few Quick Notes on Opportunities and Pitfalls of the Application of Computers in Art and Music by James McCartney
A short text by the author of SuperCollider on art and code, software design and usage, and music.
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WIMP by Data eXchange Laboratory
WIMP (Windows Interface Manipulation Program, also refers to Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing device - the prehistorical GUI of the 1970's) is a program for creating full-screen visual animations synchronized with sound in real time. As the only visual input WIMP utilizes graphical user interface (GUI) of Windows operation system. Whatever applications windows, icons, images, texts, etc. [...]
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