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PDP / PiDiP Is Definitely In Pieces by Tom Schouten & Yves Degoyon
Pdp/pidip is a video extension package for pure data ( ) that includes high-level objects like an ASCII art renderer, a color tracker, a motion detector as well as more algorithmic objects like chebysheff or biquad filters. It supports video streaming in most common internet formats : asf, mpeg, mpg,... [...]
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stack by robert lisek
STACK is the simple program (and interactive installation) in wich the users operate the erector sets [objects such as latin alphabet, japanise hiragana, alephs, runes and source code of the program itself]. The main goal of project is to show all the limits of the program code. Theee users create the complicated trajectories by moving attactor sets [grouping elements]. [...]
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Bork by Opera Software
Web browser that distorts MSN website ( in a funny way. Background is here.
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Julu by Alan Sondheim
Alan Sondheim is a New York-based artist, writer and critic who has worked in the experimental arts since the early 1970s. Since the 1990s, he writes something he calls the "Internet text", consisting of frequently autobiographical E-Mail writings for which he does use his software - most notably his Unix commandline environment around the shell, awk, grep, sed and other text-manipulation [...]
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AA-Project by Jan Hubicka and others
"AA-Project", an abbreviation for "ASCII Art Project", has developed a C library for Unix-like and DOS operating systems which transforms bitmap images into ASCII art in real time. The renderer is extremely fast, produces high-quality ASCII, including ASCII anti-aliasing and ASCII dithering, ASCII contrast, ASCII brightness and ASCII gamma correction. [...]
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forkbomb by unknown
A forkbomb (see related project descriptions) implemented as a single-line/13 characters Unix shell script. In other words: You just have to type these 13 characters (which superficially resemble smilies or ASCII art) on the command line/the terminal window of any computer running a Unix-like operating system: :(){ :|:& };: The original author of this forkbomb is unknown, although it [...]
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Jet Set Willy variations by jodi
Approx. 10 variations of the jump'n'run computer game "Jet Set Willy" for the 1980s 8-bit Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer. From 2001-2002, the took the original BASIC sourcecode and modified it so that the basic keyboard operation and principle of the game was preserved, yet the screen graphics vary from ASCII Art to Mondrian-style abstraction. [...]
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The Bank of Time by Futurenatural
"Growth from Idleness" A screensaver which saves your idle time and uses it to grow plants on your desktop. Users can visit the “Idleness Growth Tables” on the web site where their idle time is displayed and compare its growth to that of other users from all over the world. As more people save with The Bank of Time they will soon be able to learn whose computers have been the most [...]
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DOGS by Sintron
DOGS is a surveillance simulation application that used the email and web platform to temporarily terrorize and humiliate a psychopathic individuals immediate community, inducing mass paranoia, panic, and a brutal backlash against him. The application sent an email message originating from Sintron’s email address, to a pre-selected address list which informed them that he had found out that an [...]
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pngreader by / Project Gnutenberg
pngreader v1.1 pngreader parses png images and displays the results no copyright 2003 license this program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the gnu general public license as published by the free software foundation (; either version 2 of the license, or (at your [...]
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os_anm by slateford
os_anm is a lo-resolution pixel animation tool. It is partly based on two 'old time' digital media: the lo-resolution of early computer terminals and 'teletext' [a digital information system available on British television channels], and the command-line interface of UNIX and DOS. It takes the functional limitations which characterised the look and feel of such systems as conscious aesthetic [...]
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Darkroom by Paul Andrews
Darkroom is a generative graphics synthesis tool which can be used to create textures, enlarge repetative textures, remove objects from images and generate unique art works. Users can apply the generative algorithm in a variety of ways by altering some parameters and by varying the initial state. As well as using your own images you can use random images from the internet. [...]
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UNMOVIE by Ax. Heide, Onesandzeros, Ph. Pocock, Gr. Stehle
Unmovie is hypercinema featuring a multiuser flash/python weblication - the stage - where bots (AI personalities) and human online users find themselves cast as synthespian actor-media and collaborating as screenwriting poets. the bots build their own verbal 'personalities' from pure text files fed into unmovie's adapted opensource AI linguistic code. [...]
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Petrograph v.01 by Kurt Ralske
Petrograph v.01 is a software device that outputs synchronized audio-video art. The sounds and images are produced in two ways: first, generatively, via algorithmic behaviours controlling rhythm, density, intensity etc. Secondly, behaviours are also controlled by the user input: clicking + dragging the mouse modifies speed, colour, volume, rate of change, etc. [...]
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metal_for_ever by anonymous
This program plays variational heavy metal music.
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