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Pellow by
Pellow is an interactive installation that reveals what happens under the hood of a web browser when you visit web pages. When you browse, the browser communicates with many different pages and companies around the world. Pellow lets you see and hear the browser interacting with many other machines all over the world to fetch all of the content. [...]
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L3-37 by Javier Cabrera, Oscar Luis Vera Perez, Benoit Baudry
L3-37 is a mini web browser that superimposes a view of the strucuture of the web page on top of the actual page. Our goal is to unveil and embody the organization and dynamics of software that runs the world wide web. Citizens interact with browsers worldwide, every day and we wish to offer a glimpse of the other side of the looking glass of web pages. [...]
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Light Pattern by Daniel Temkin
Light Pattern is a programming language which uses a series of photos, rather than text, as source code. Only the dominant color of each image, along with aperture and shutter speed settings, are considered by the compiler. The demands of the individual program creates a tension with the photographs made to fill that role. [...]
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Drunk Eliza by Daniel Temkin
Eliza is a proto-chatbot, first written in 1966. She mimics a Rogerian psychotherapist, using simple pattern recognition and a short list of responses to carry on a conversation. Her creator, Joseph Weizebaum, was surprised and disturbed by how quickly users ascribed a personality to her even though they knew she was software. [...]
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naked on pluto by Aymeric Mansoux, Marloes de Valk & Dave Griffiths
Naked on Pluto proposes a playful yet disturbing online game world, developed with Free/ Libre Open Source Software, which parodies the insidiously invasive traits of much “social software”. The city of “Elastic Versailles” is animated by the quirky combinatorial logics of a community of fifty seven AI bots that glean Facebook data from subscribers to the game.
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A program that shares itself on a peer to peer network, and invites edits to itself.
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100.000.000 stolen pixels by Kim Asendorf
A web crawler started with 10 URLs (See first 10 in url.log) and searched HTML pages for images and hyperlinks. Each found image got downloaded and 100 pixels in a square of 10x10 were cut out of it. Each found hyperlink got stored in the cache and thereby added to the list of searchable URLs. The process repeated itself until 1.000.000 images were downloaded and 100.000.000 [...]
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Incorrect Music 2 by Andreja Andric
Where software becomes an art form, software development becomes an art practice. Consequently also code testing and code inspection, as activities towards discovering errors in code, become likewise part of the artistic process, being integral part of software development process. This little work is an example of accepting a programming error as a constitutive part of the creative result. [...]
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Excerpts From the Chronicles of Pookie & JR by J. R. Carpenter
Excerpts from the Chronicles of Pookie & JR is a short fiction generator run by a Python script adapted (with permission) from a 1k story generators written by Nick Montfort. The generator removes all but 5-9 sentences from a sequence, eliding some of what's been written. Excerpts from the Chronicles of Pookie & JR documents J. R. [...]
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# ____ _ _ # / ___| __ _ | |_ _ __ ___ _ __ ___ (_) ____ ___ _ __ # \___ \ / _` || __|| '__|/ _ \ | '_ ` _ \ | ||_ // _ \| '__| # ___) || (_| || |_ | | | (_) || | | | | || | / /| __/| | # |____/ \__,_| \__||_| \___/ |_| |_| |_||_|/___|\___||_| # Now with Color ANSI! # # [...]
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CodeSounding by Roberto Mannai
CodeSounding is an open source sonification framework which makes possible to hear how any existing Java program "sounds like", by assigning instruments and pitches to code statements (if, for, etc) and playing them as they are executed at runtime. In this way the flowing of execution is played as a flow of music and its rhythm changes depending on user interaction.
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Velato by Daniel Temkin
Velato is a programming language which uses MIDI files as source code: the pattern of notes determines commands. Velato offers an unusual challenge to programmer-musicians: to compose a musical piece that, in addition to expressing their aims musically, fills the constraints necessary to compile to a working Velato program. [...]
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Destroy the Web by Jose Bolanos
It’s the middle of the week- deadlines are looming, your team just lost the championship, and the taco truck just left before you could grab a quick lunch. What to do? The Firefox icon beckons to you, offering the multitude of distractions the internet has to offer– but you don’t really have the time to catch up on the news. [...]
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Evil by Tom Scott
This site randomly displays the private phone numbers of unsuspecting Facebook users. There are uncountable numbers of groups on Facebook called "lost my phone!!!!! need ur numbers!!!!!" or something like that. Most of them are marked as 'public', or 'visible to everyone'. A lot of folks don't understand what that means in Facebook's context — to Facebook, 'everyone' means everyone in the [...]
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How Hetero by Stockholm Pride
The theme for Stockholm Pride 2009 is [Hetero] were we focus on how heteronormativity effects the everyday life of homosexual, bisexual and transgender persons, the consequences it brings and how it effects the society as a whole. Part of the heteronormative environment is defined by how we connect specific words to norms en perceptions of how a "real" man och woman should be och behave. [...]
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Light Pattern
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100.000.000 stolen pixels
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