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Arteroids by Jim Andrews
Arteroids is the battle of poetry against itself and the forces of dullness. An online shoot-em-up poetry game. Play mode and game mode. In game mode, you have less control over the game's parameters. And your scores are saved to the net. In play mode, you can write your own texts in Word for Weirdos and save poetry from yourself. [...]
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Childhood Games by Eugenio Tisselli
Mexico City, 1984. There and then I was 12 years old, dreaming of creating computer games. I already knew how to program in BASIC, but I didn't have a computer. So I just took a pencil and a notebook, and wrote down my games. Almost 25 years later, I re-discovered the old notebook with my first hand-written games. It was dusty but still readable (unlike the floppy disks). [...]
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Untitled (DIY Google Image Search) by Yorit Yorit
A low-tech solution to finding some nice images in the real world... (Original link is down; link provided is from a blog that featured the project.)
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CodeSounding by Roberto Mannai
The primary goal of CodeSounding is to make it possible to hear the sound of execution of a Java software, assigning instruments / pitches to programming statements (if, for, etc), so that the flowing of execution could be played as a flow of music. Several audio synthesis engines can be used: JMusic, ABC, JSyn, Max/MSP, Pure Data, Jack Server Audio. [...]
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City Distances: measuring informational distances between cities. by Bestiario
> "This three-dimensional scheme represents the strength of relations between cities from searches on google. The main idea is compare the number of pages on internet where the two cities appears one close to the other with the number of pages they appear isolated". We call that the google-platonic distance between cities.
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Nude Studies in Aleatoric Environments by Pall Thayer
Automated nude studies abstracted through geological intervention. This software creates vector-based "paintings" of online nudes (tagged Flickr images) that are "re-interpreted" by incorporating live seismic readings from various parts of the world to a real-time screen rendering of each image. The hosted version uses four locations in North and South America however the network from which the [...]
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The Hypertext Revelation by Josh Kopin
So, partially in the interest of making tangible the structure of an obscure text, and partially just for fun, I wrote a script that chopped up the King James version of the Book of Revelations and analyzed it, cataloging each unique word in the text and all the unique words that followed it. I then used that data to make a website that lets you trace phrases through the space of Revelations, [...]
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The Meta Technology by Luca D'Angelo
Meta Technology is a new type of technology. Meta Technology takes the standard input-process-output flow and modifies it. Meta technology weakens technology so it slows down enough for you to examine. It's a very special, pioneering strategy to understand technology.
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ShiftSpace by Dan Phiffer, Mushon Zer-Aviv (& more)
While the Internet's design is widely understood to be open and distributed, control over how users interact online has given us largely centralized and closed systems. The web is undergoing a transformation whose promise is user empowerment—but who controls the terms of this new read/write web? The web has followed the physical movement of the city's social center from the (public) town [...]
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Evil Pinball by David Kasdan
The iconic Windows 3D Pinball game meets Ronald Reagan's 1983 "Evil Empire" speech - and pinball becomes a tool for generating rap. While many game hacks modify a familiar game's visuals, Evil Pinball "hacks" the audio. Simply by replacing default audio files, the concept of the game is transformed.
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Desktop3D explorer by 1dot1(c.streinz)
With these application, you can explore my "private" Desktop configuration in 3D. ...investigate... privacy...
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Open Wound by Matt Butler
Open Wound is a language mixing tool developed in the same spirt as a DJ's set of turntables, albeit with a much different interface. By running two copies side-by-side, an artist is able to tag one text's grammatical parts-of-speech and graft it onto another text. Additionally, a word frequency filter is available to leave common words untouched, preserving structure and coherence. [...]
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Much TODO by Steven Read
Vaporware at its finest. For this project I have been collecting and assembling unwritten software code. While this code remains to be written, its construction in thought has at least begun. The ideas, dreams, and procrastinations of software developers from around the world are manifested in this project by their 'TODO' comments which were left behind in code as little reminders. [...]
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NANO by MACHFELD (aka Sabine Maier & Michael Mastrototaro) in cooperation with Alessandro Capozzo
Nano Since the beginning of the projct we collect viruses and spam from our project server in a database and visualze it. An automated data synchronisation enables an overview of current virus and spam activities.
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al by murderdeathkitty
Explore a world of deterministic algorithmic images created by a very simple procedure. The algorithm itself uses prime numbers and modulus arithmetic to create repeating and changing patterns.
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