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Batmemes by Grasshopper Enterprises
Batmemes is marketed as software for algorithmically tackling writer's block. It uses algorithms inspired by the thought-generating experiments of the Oulipo movement, which took place in France in the 1960's. Batmeme's configuration options allow you to highly customize your auto-generated ideas. For example, you might choose to tint your new thoughts with shades of batDNA from Bram Stoker's [...]
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Time's up! expired bitbull screensaver by Peter Luining
name: Time's up! expired bitbull screensaver release date: 16 sept 2003 type: screensaver platform: windows 95/nt/98/me/2000/xp description: expired bitbull screensaver hack license: freeware download size: 32 kb zip file
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Story Teller by Tom Jennings
"Obsolete forgery, historical fiction, a concrete realization of a lie. Story Teller tells tales stored on tape, via speech, text on paper, a semi-translucent spectacle of mediation and machinery. It is a system of cooperative but independent devices, mechanisms, and mechanical contrivances, of ambiguous age and origin. Externally, is speaks, prints, draws and writes. [...]
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Post-media Aesthetics by Lev Manovich
Written in 2001. This text proposes that since the concept of media no longer adequately decribes contemporary cultural practice, cultural theory can intead use the concepts of software and interface to understand both past and present.
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Avant-garde as Software by Lev Manovich
Written in 1999. This text suggests that the techniques of early twentieth century avant-garde became the basic operations of modern software and human-machine interfaces. This thesis is being expanded in Lev Manovich's book INFO-AETHETICS (expected 2004).
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Brainboost by
BrainBoost is a Question Answering search engine. It was specifically designed to answer questions, asked in plain English. BrainBoost is 100% automated. Unlike other Question Answering engines, BrainBoost does not rely on human editors to locate answers. Instead, BrainBoost employs cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to understand your question, and match it with relevant [...]
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The HUB gives direct access to last mails sent to various net art mailing lists. ASRF/0.2 is connected to the HUB and uses its collected emails as raw materials. ASRF/0.2 allows users to compose and publish random generated texts based on emails extracted fragments.
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Orpheus Interactive video software by Don Ritter
Orpheus is an interactive video sequencing software which permits real time control and synchronization of digital video sequences with any form of live or sequenced music. Orpheus listens to live music and controls the presentation of videoimagery according to various musical elements. The music listener portion of the software provides a musical categorization in real time according to pitch, [...]
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Lab Ur Integer by Kton Lutus
Hypertext synthesizer nihilogues. Norwegian playwriter machine. The texts are produced and archived in search engines, as of Aug 2003 ca 38,000 manuscripts.
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chtonline by Bjorn Matronim
A chtonian textscrambler and chat bot tool for interacting with web content, eg. talking to web pages. Line-, text-, file-, URL-input with a chat interface and logfile output. Transparent simple interface incl. 'empty db-table', 'delete logfile'.
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Karlheinz Essl's Playing Strategies by Karlheinz Essl
This is a random-driven text oracle that generates playing instructions (for musicians) which should help to overcome your internalized behaviour when composing or improvising alone or with other musicians. Those sometimes weird, but always mind-challenging sentences should be interpreted according to your own personal taste, mind and skill. [...]
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Lexikon-Sonate by Karlheinz Essl
Lexikon-Sonate is an interactive realtime composition environment for musical composition and live performances. It takes advantage of composition algorithms that has been developed by Karlheinz Essl since the 1985 years. With this algorithmic music generator on can easily create fascinating and complex musical structures on the fly. [...]
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VBapp by Alan Sondheim
first 7 vb .exe applications of a series problematizing user interface, desire, mathesis. most of these are extremely small/primitive programs.
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VideoGrid by Chris Savage
Encryption methods available on the internet vary - many are 'one way' meaning that after a string has been encoded, it cant be decoded back to its original state. This process results in the string being converted into a seemingly random series of characters which is, in fact, unique. Videogrid drew inspiration from this and applied the same idea to video. [...]
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EI by Ivan Bachev
? this tool is to "re"-"context"-"plunder", so why not just browse your folder with the mp3 files, and start playing with this "ei". pass through the loaded file, dis or re order it, and thus create something new out of it... references: за "еи" на български тук: [...]
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