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Duff's Device by Tom Duff
Described as "the most dramatic use of fall-through yet seen in C", Duff's device is a remarkable algorithm that somehow marries two C structures in a surprising and efficient way. The result is both ugly and beautiful; disgusting and elegant. The purpose of Duff's device is to transform data into an output stream, although it's more commonly used to confuse students and experienced [...]
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Acme::ManekiNeko by Greg McCarroll
"According to ancient legend, this cat stood in the doorway of the Gotoku-ji temple and raised her paw in the traditional Japanese beckoning gesture to a feudal lord who was passing by. The feudal lord followed the cat into the temple and instantly, a lightning bolt struck the place where the lord had been standing. Thus the cat had saved his life. [...]
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CueJack by Cue P. Doll
CueJack is a software application that lets you scan a product with a :CueCat scanner, then displays a web page with "alternative information" about the product's company. It's a software parody, or "parodyware." Windows version linked here - source code and Linux version available at
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are you burnt out on programming? did the dotcom bust you? too unstructured for structured programming? are you a messy, impulsive, luser in search of an attention span? don't let the software cult execute you! cast off your markov chains and start deprogramming! introducing - e.p. #1: don't let the dotcom bust you. [...]
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Travesty by Hugh Kenner and Joseph P. O'Rourke
Travesty, as it's mostly known today, is a Perl program for scrambling a text based on the frequency with which pairs of words appear in the original text. The result is a strange parody of the original It can also be used to scramble multiple texts - which creates a parody that algorithmically draws parallels between the two (because it reveals how some of the same idioms/structures are used [...]
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An audio-visual insight into the beauty of the quicksort algorithm. uses the quicksort routine that is built into the Perl programming language interpreter. You see and hear the algorithm compare values as it pivots around and passes up and down the data. As the data becomes sorted, so the sonic and visual effect becomes more regular. [...]
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Auto-Illustrator by Adrian Ward
Signwave Auto-Illustrator is an experimental, semi-autonomous, generative software artwork and a fully functional vector graphic design application. Auto-Illustrator poses questions regarding authorship and the role of creativity in the use of digital systems. As a commercial available piece of software, Auto-Illustrator also critiques the traditional notions that artworks must obey the [...]
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please note: died tragically during an operating system upgrade. please send flowers to port 25 of more information can be found at is at times a confusing software artwork. On viewing its source, you may realise that has served you its own sourcecode; it is the [...]
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adam killer by brody condon
kill adam!
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b0timati0n by amy alexander
Live VJ psychedelic performance search engine. Nowadays, work=play; cool is nerdy. Unemployed programmer Uebergeek picks up her plowshares and performs a search engine - It's post-dotcom entertainment! (Alternate spelling: "botimation")
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Suicide Letter Wizard for Microsoft Word by Olga Goriunova, Data eXchange Laboratory
Suicide Letter Wizard for Microsoft Word helps you to create a suicide letter according to your preferences. Use professional design. Choose from a variety of styles. Make your letter look great.
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The Multi-Cultural Recycler by amy alexander
Ancient web project about new celebrities and the homogenization of multi-culturalism via the humble webcam and homepage. In 1996, webcam culture was emerging, and finally it seemed, everybody could be a celebrity. but, of course, to prove you're a "real" celebrity, you have to somehow get Recycled by pop culture. (which didn't quite include the net back then, it was only 1996, see... ) [...]
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Travesty Corporate PR InfoMixer by amy alexander
The InfoMixer is based on the classic Perl program "Travesty," which makes a strange parody of any text - or texts - by rearranging it based on the frequency with which pairs of words appear. first used Travesty back in 1998 to create the Plagiarist Manifesto, a remix of other people's famous manifestos. [...]
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Reamweaver by The Yes Men SPIT
Hello website fan! Reamweaver has everything you need to instantly "funhouse-mirror" anyone's website, copying the real-time "look and feel" but letting you change any words, images, etc. that *you* choose.
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Form Art by Alexei Shulgin
A new art form, based on the aesthetics of a computer interface was introduced to the internet community in 1997. The idea was to use input interface elements (submit buttons, checkboxes, text areas, pull-down menus,...) as graphical elements for creating images and animations, both abstract and figurative. [...]
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