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you C O D E me by youandme
On-line and off-line anonymous exercises of code poetry, programming semantics, reinterpretation, daily life, all compiled to give form to human-emotional needs phenomena mediated by computers. In our desperate need to relate with each other we let machines speak for us, we use this language, human behavior concepts and expressions to define recognizable automated-computer tasks and then simplify [...]
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#twitterart by Various Authors
TwitterArt is part of an ASCII art tradition that dates back to BBS postings of the 1970's and 80's. TwitterArt, as explained by elmonte09 on : "#twitterart #tarts (Tweet ARTistS) are a growing art sub-genre. [...]
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Code Organ by DLKW
Reminiscent of some projects by software artists ca. 2005, Code Organ is getting mass exposure in 2010 via Twitter. Interesting example of software art ideas trickling out into the mainstream.
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Polishness by Ian Wojtowicz
This website encourages visitors to contemplate aspects of Polish identity by submitting two search terms to compare. Google counts the search results of each term and graphs the results as a redrawn Polish flag. This action of producing and evaluating binary terms provides a vehicle for thinking about Polish identity and stereotypes. [...]
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99 Meditations on Chords and Colors by Andreja Andric
Classical music has been created in a time when people were not acquainted with noise. The loudest sounds were thunder and church bell. Music was rare, and the sounds of musical instruments must have been refreshing and exciting in a way we can't even immagine.

Today we are constantly surrounded with sound: music in bars, supermarkets, and on our media players, traffic sounds in the street, [...]
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The Last Supper by Eugenio Tisselli - Leonardo da Vinci
Despite Jesus's best efforts, the apostles just couldn't stop twittering. Watch the drama unfold ...
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Rtuk by Ali Miharbi
Rtuk is a Firefox add-on which enables anonymous users to "censor" any text on any web page. The name is inspired by RTÜK, "Radio and Television Supreme Council" in Turkey and how several governments in the world work on controlling the Internet as if it were a centralized TV broadcast. It's also an analogy of bottom-up censorship (such as Internet users submitting URL's that they find [...]
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#songsincode by unknown
#songsincode is a twitter hash tag. Anyone can use it to contribute translations of songs into code using twitter. An example for such a translation would be: we=world; we=children; While I have been writing this, 12 new contributions were added by various authors.
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What You Got (J hu$tle's Flying Faders Short Mix) by Jeff 'JHustle' Yan
ProTools audio production software includes graphical automation techniques designed for things like causing mixers to do automated volume fades. Some musicians have noticed that the automated mixer faders - aka "flying faders" - can make interesting patterns - e.g. sine waves. JHustle repurposed this feature to turn it into a real-time animation tool. [...]
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text2image by ted davis
text2image is an online tool that does exactly as the name describes, but in a different way than one might expect. Rather than creating a typographic based image of the live text submitted, this tool renders an abstract image that is the digital translation of the input text. The results remain consistent for any given entry, however will change greatly through alternate keying. [...]
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Yooouuutuuube by Yooouuutuuube
New media meets old media: a new way to watch films, er uh, digital videos.... montage in X and Y.
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Microcodes by Pall Thayer
Microcodes are a growing collection of very small code-based artworks. Each one is a fully contained work of art. The conceptual meaning of each piece is revealed through a combination of the title, the code and the results of running them on a computer.
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The Oracle of Elsewhere by Ian Wojtowicz
This web-based artwork visualizes recent growth in news in major urban centers around the world.
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Dreaming of You by Richard Caceres and Jamie Burkart
Dreaming of You is a system for tapping into your computer's dreams. There are three parts to this program. The first is a screen saver that visualizes screenshots that it downloads from a web server. The second is a program that periodically takes screenshots of your computer and uploads them to the server. [...]
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blog botnik is a self erasing blog. everyday a letter will be replaced by a grey square and the images (jpg) get compressed from 100 to 0. after 100 days the entry erases itself.
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